• The SciVisions working on a new generation of journals finder system

    Existing journals finder systems not only limit to the journals of a single publisher, but also finding a list of relevant journals for the written paper is not easy. To overcome these limitations, the SciVisions is working on a new generation of journal finder system, which not only search for the journals of a large number of academic publishers, but also suggest the most relevant journals with respect to the submitted paper.

  • The SciVisions will introduce a new ranking systems for researchers in the next few months

    The first researchers ranking system at global level will be lunched in the next few months by the SciVisions. Creating such kind of system is a challenging task mainly because of variations in the name of researchers and lack of a unified identification code for all researchers in the world. Current ranking systems only focused on the scientific impact of the researchers, while the impact have different meaning including innovational, industrial, governmental and social ones and a good ranking system should calculate different aspect of a researcher activities.

Rank your researchers, departments, schools, colleges and university compared to the others at university, field, subject, country and world level or specific geographic region. Rank your journals compared to the other journals in the world.

Know about the research needs of industries in your region. Know about how to engage your researcher with industries according to their research interest and capabilities. Know about your strengths and weakness in linking the science-technology compared to other universities in the region. Compare your university with others related to the science-technology linkage.

Focus on the best strategies to become more international university. Identify your strengths and weakness in different fields and focus on your strengths. Teach your researchers to invest on the best topics. Determine the best collaborators to increase the degree on internationality.

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